How it all started?

Our grandfathers were shepherds and they were sustained by feeding on nature’s goods. As children, we used to live mainly in an urban environment, but we were looking forward to visiting our village at weekends and on holidays. Every time we visited our grandfathers, we went for a walk in the forest to collect fruit and wood for the winter. Our fond memories of these walks are strong! Besides, because of our small height, we were closer to the ground and we could easier see the mushrooms which always attracted us because of their shape and colors. We collected two species of mushrooms and one species of truffle. The weird thing is that our grandfather didn’t use a dog or pig to find them, but he observed the ground and nature. When I smelled and tasted the first truffle, an explosion of sensations was produced in my mind!

How did this become a business?

As the years passed by, we stopped visiting our village, but the worm was inside us, just to remind us that we have to be close to our childhood love again. And this happened in 2010! We started to hunt mushrooms again!  We were taught about mushrooms by Agricultural University professors and soon we owned specially-trained dogs for truffles. How did this become a business? A friend, who is a chef and owner of a fine restaurant, bought our products. Then, being very pleased he introduced us to another chef and then to another one and today we sell our fresh truffles and mushrooms to high end restaurants and hotels around Europe, the USA and Australia.

Why truffle theory?

Because for us hunting truffles and mushrooms is not just an act. We have developed our philosophy and theory on these nature’s gifts. We respect the forests; we know when to harvest and how much to collect so that the creatures living in the forest can feed themselves and without disturbing the tight connection that mushrooms have with trees and plants. As you may know mushrooms are the neurosystem of trees. Therefore, over the years we have learned to feel and “hear’’ the forests. Every truffle or mushroom that you buy from us is picked with love and hasn’t disturbed nature’s chain.

Truffle Theory will offer you high-quality fresh products collected by people who care for nature and you!