Truffles and
Wild Mushrooms

Truffle Theory

Our expert team has the knowledge to collect the finest truffles and mushrooms every season and offer them fresh on your plate.

For people who love and seek gourmet and healthy food, unique flavors and intoxicating aromas, then you are in the right and only place that satisfies your needs.

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Black Truffle - Melanosporum

Fresh Truffles

Our fresh Truffles are harvested at peak maturity when aroma is optimum. Hidden to the naked eye and yet so coveted, fresh truffles are one of the most desirable products in the world of gastronomy.


Browse our delicious range of organic gourmet mushrooms, handpicked by our experienced team.
They are available fresh or dried all year round.

Truffle Shavers

The traditional tools of serving truffles are truffle shavers or slicers. Our state-of-the-art shavers have razor-sharp blades, have an ergonomic handle and they come with a lifetime warranty.